About us

We are the sister concern of California cleaning and maintenance which was established in 1983, during this period we have started designing works at different places which take a great pride in the quality of our work in the field of Suspended Ceilings, Partitions, and total residential and commercial interior construction.
The Passion for creativity and work, whether it is art or interiors, has driven us to start Burj California Decor Contracting LLC. We have built up a rapport with our clients as we offer them personalized service – whether it is in terms of designs, colors or advising them of options.

We provide a warm and friendly approach and we give the best rates with excellent service. We specializes in bringing exceptional design to all areas whether it is residences or offices. We provide contemporary design ideas that match our client’s varied styles, and provide high quality workmanship with professional and friendly project management.We undertake projects of all scope, from turnkey initiatives that go from design to execution, to smaller projects that may only require supply of materials.


We work closely with each of our clients, creating unique ,highly individualized homes that inspire comfort and elegance. We provide expertise guidance to our clients to meet their requirements. With extensive experience within designer collections, furniture, luxury fabrics and exquisite craftsmanship.We can work with you in every way and help you create the home/office of your dreams. From the clean lines of modern minimalistic to classic and traditional design, together with our client, we will create a unique home that is an extension of client personality and taste.

We are also able to prepare proposals for our clients selecting lists of general contractors along with desired materials that suit your budget, which may include, marble, tiles, paints, wood, gypsum, doors, windows, glasses, furniture and fabric. A dedicated designer will work closely with you to achieve the timely finish that you desire and carefully furnish your space so that luxury can be recognized in every corner of your new space.


Our expert services include the following:

  • Complete Project Management

  • Provision of exquisite furnishings, lighting and accessories

  • Preliminary Conceptual Design

  • General Layout Material Boards

  • Scratches

  • Detailed Architectural Drawings

  • Artist Renderings

  • Specification of materials

  • Procurement from delivery to installation

  • Design from concept to completion